Paraben Free Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles

The eyes are often the most beautiful part of a woman's face.  But they are also sensitive, surrounded by fragile skin, and prone to fine lines and dark circles.  The eyes show a woman's age before her cheeks or lips do and they also show when she is tired.  And yet, regular facial moisturizers are not ideal for the sensitive skin around the eyes.  That's where Refresh Me™ under eye cream is so effective.

What causes dark circles around your eyes? This varies from person to person, but the direct causes include thin or thinning skin below your eyes that allows blood under your skin to be more noticeable, and an accumulation or pooling of blood, often from leaking capillaries. While the skin under your eyes is about the thinnest of anywhere on your body, heredity factors can contribute to particular thinness near your eyes, making the dark shadows more prominent.

Accumulation of blood beneath your skin can be caused by weak capillaries, poor circulation, certain medications, and other health factors. The soy peptide and hyaluronic acid moisturizer in Refresh Me™ will help re-hydrate and thicken skin and build collagen. The Vitamin K in Refresh Me will strengthen capillaries and improve blood circulation beneath your eyes, causing them to leak less and diminish the amount of under eye blood pooling.

Getting rid of dark circles goes a long way to looking younger with this refreshing paraben free eye cream.  Research demonstrates that Vitamin K is a highly effective ingredient for minimizing dark circles. Vitamin K is one of the most important actives in Refresh Me™.  After about two months of use morning and night, a satisfying improvement will become apparent.

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Dark circle creme with vitamin K
Refresh Me™ Vitamin K Eye Care Cream

Vitamin K to the rescue!

Research has demonstrated that Vitamin K minimizes the collection of sub-dermal blood. This special ingredient is the secret to a highly successful dark circle creme without parabens.

Additional advanced ingredients in Refresh Me include: hyaluronic acid for super hydration to help fade fine lines and wrinkles, Rice Bran Extract for lightening facial tones, Arnica Montana for minimizing puffy eyes, plus Soy Peptides for helping to lighten dark shadows. Use this paraben-free Vitamin K eye restoring cream twice daily to address these conditions.

In addition to anti-aging products made without parabens, we perform no animal testing on any products and all ingredients are animal cruelty free.

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